Dr. Pauline J. Furman


The Center for Individual & Family Counseling


announce the launch of Dr. Furman's new book:

3D Final When God Shows Up on the Couch

"This is NOT your momma's book on counseling."


Dr. Pauline J. Furman is on a mission. She wants to shout her message from the rooftops: 


There is no shame in seeking help from a therapist! 


And there is no contradiction in seeking that help if you are a person of faith.


When God Shows Up on the Couch depicts the real, sometimes raw stories of Christians who are deeply challenged by mental health issues. When they come to Dr. Furman, she does not check her faith at the door...nor do they.


This book will walk you through the most intimate details of the lives of Christians in crisis. You will step into their pain and travel with them as they move through from trauma to victory. And you may just find yourself in one of these stories.


Come on this journey, and see for yourself how God can show up to meet a person at their deepest need, and show them a way out...and yes, with the help of a therapist.