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Dr. Pauline J. Furman

Family & Relationships Speaking Topics

We can accommodate customized topics!

Blended Family Solutions


Discovering Your Family Roots


Letting Go: Getting ready for your adolescent to become adult


Single Mother's Guide to parenting boys to men


Marriage Matters: Working through conflict without drama


Raising children based on their developmental stages.


Divorce Recovery 101


Mother Daughter Relationships

“The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”

A Women’s Group Experience

Don’t like the relationship that you have or had with your mother?

This can be an 8-week group therapy experience for daughters who have had challenging relationships with their mothers. You will explore ways on how to communicate with each other, how to treat each other and other ways to improve your mother/daughter relationship.  It can also be a one-day seminar or General Session.

Back From Betrayal

Betrayal is a breaking of a trust, a broken promise and just a real sense of knowing something is wrong.

Perhaps you have experienced overwhelming heart ache from your life partner, husband, friend or family member.

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